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RAM Depot Operations

Mr Jono Stenton started the RAM border post depots in 2009, to cater for cross-border transporters' diesel requirements. This was initially one depot in Beitbridge to cater for the South African/Zimbabwean border crossing. However, this soon grew to cover the border crossings between Zimbabwe and Zambia with three more depots: Victoria Falls, Chirundu and Kwekwe, as well as a hub in Harare. With 15 years previous experience in all aspects of the cross border transport industry and having managed cross border transport operations in Sub-Saharan Africa he has structured the depots with his knowledge and skills to cater for the needs of such operators.

Email: debtors@ramafrica.com

Ram Depots

Beitbridge Depot
Lot 262
Industrial Park
Costa Vutete
Chirundu Depot
Stand 1323
Chirundu Township
Evans & Matthew
+263773946582 / +263777660155
Harare Depot
Stand 2843
Mutare Road
Depot Accounts
61 Churchill Ave, Alex Park
Joanne Lundt
Victoria Falls Depot
Victoria Falls
Main Bulawayo Road
Victoria Falls
Brandyn Murray